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-Behind Bars: A Journey Through Time and Services Within Incarceration

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Meet Our Distinguished Keynote Speakers

We are thrilled to announce the exceptional keynote speakers who will grace our upcoming conference with their expertise, insights, and inspiring stories. These renowned thought leaders come from diverse backgrounds, each bringing a unique perspective to our event.

Kristen Brown: 7 Energies of Leadership Kristen Brown Presents

Drawing from her transformative experiences as a young widow, combined with 15 years in corporate leadership, Kristen's keynotes have revolutionized workplace dynamics for giants like Microsoft, General Milles, Target, and many more. With a Master's in Integral Theory and a suite of wellness certifications, she presents a holistic blueprint for achieving unparalleled work/life synergy, resilience, and results. Kristen's influence spans media from Forbes to "live with Kelly" and as one of only 360 active Certified Speaking Professionals globally, Kristen promises a keynote experience grounded in fun, expertise, and energy.

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April Lewis – SMART Conversations® April Lewis: Work Well Mindset 

April Lewis is a woman on a mission to improve the employee experience and develop leaders in organizations. As the President an CEO of the A. Lewis Academy, Inc., a coaching and consulting firm, she uses her extensive training and leadership background to transform organizations from the inside out through proven workplace wellness strategies. Her guiding principle is "Human first, Employee second." April's passion for teaching professionals how to work well has led her to become a keynote speaker and consultant for Fortune 100 companies, organizations, and education institutions across the nation. She served as the Interim Chief Operating Officer of a healthcare system based in Maryland. Despite all of her accomplishments, April remains grounded and passionate about stress-free living. She is also a best-selling author and lover of tacos.

She served as a combat veteran in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Bright Star in Egypt. Her credentials include being a Certified D.I.S.C. Facilitator, Certified Health Coach, Certified Executive Coach, and Certified Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner. April Lewis has truly earned the title of "Leadership and Wellbeing Energizer" and her approach to transformation is a reminder to always put people first.

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Pat Dwyer: Chaotic Goodness Pat Dwyer - Pat Dwyer | LinkedIn

For over 20 years Pat Dwyer has inspired and entertained hundreds of audiences all around the world. He came up through the ranks as he worked, toured and performed with comedic institutions The Second City, iO Theater, ComedySportz. Pat now joins this wealth of comedic and sketch comedy experiences to the entrepreneurial and corporate growth mindset he earned while on the front lines in the early days of Groupon. Moving into larger roles within the Chicago tech startup community, Pat discovered a perfect combination of skills that helped these organizations bolster both leadership and effectiveness.

Change comes with an inherent chaos. That chaos doesn't have to be bad. There's a good in there too. In this uproarious, empowering, and interactive keynote, Pat Dwyer not only shares his hilarious experiences in identifying the chaos, addressing it, owning it and harnessing it for his own betterment, but he lets you discover first hand tools for the nimble mindset to master it too.

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